2015 began the contemporary era at Local 132 as Charles Parker took over as Business Manager after the passing of Tommy Plymale.  Neil Huffman became President upon Rodney Marsh’s retirement. Allen Nelson became the Apprenticeship & Training Director.

The early 2010’s saw growth in the energy sector.  In 2018 pipeline work was at an all-time high, with construction beginning on the Atlantic Coast, Mountain Valley, and Mountaineer Express projects.

The Apprenticeship and Training School continues to provide world class training.  Director Allen Nelson continues to improve member opportunities by expanding and lengthening the winter class schedule to capitalize on the new facilities and equipment. New equipment has been purchased to keep members skills competitive in an ever-changing market; including a new Cat excavator and lift technology vacuum lifter and a Cat M12 grader, both are equipped with the latest Trimble GPS technology.

Major projects included:

  • Sherwood and Majorsville Compressor Stations
  • Mark West Mobley Processing Facility, Williams Energy/Caim Gas Facility
  • Pipelines: the Atlantic Coast, Mountain Valley, and Mountaineer Express
  • Mitchell Power House new stack
  • Bluestone Dam work continues
  • Windmills continued – Beech Ridge Project 2
  • Coalfield Expressway
  • Ronceverte Sewer Plant
  • WV Turnpike – widening project
  • New River Gorge Bridge updates