2022 Primary Election COPE Endorsements

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you are probably aware, it’s midterm election year again, and we just finished the Legislative Session.

I know with so much going on its hard to keep up with what’s going on at the Capitol. But this last 60-day session saw; last minute (bad) deals, dead bills amended into active bills, and after 60 days, there are rumors of a special session, which cost tax payer tens of thousands of dollars.

I won’t go over every bill but I think you all need to know about one of the worst bills.

This bill would have cut unemployment from 26 to 12 weeks. Thankfully, some of our friends in the House were able to get it stopped, but not until the last minute. That’s why elections matter!

However, if we keep electing the same bad politicians, they will just bring the same bad bills back year after year. 

That is why it is so important to pay attention to the enclosed endorsement list. So, we can get rid of those people that do nothing for the state of West Virginia or more importantly you the working men and women of IUOE 132.

As you will notice and I’ve said before “party affiliation doesn’t affect our endorsements”.

We’re focused on issues that affect working families. We’ve worked hard recently and thankfully have Republicans and Democrats who help us fight bad bills. This election we need to elect people that understand our issues and will try to pass laws that help working people instead of harming them.

As always if you want to ask about anyone our endorsement list feel free to call and ask.



Charles A. Parker
Business Manager