2022 General Election COPE Endorsements

Dear Brothers and sisters,

It is everyone’s favorite time once again, election season is upon us. It is a time of promises made from every Politician about what they will and will not do.  They will make promises based on many social issues that do not mean much to our pocketbooks and will not say much about real policy or economic issues that affect hard working West Virginians.

However, with the right politicians they can and should focus on economical and specifically infrastructure issues such as roads, water and sewer, pipelines and many other projects that make living and working in West Virginia an achievable goal.

As usual, people and money from outside of West Virginia will come into our state and try to tell our bought and paid for Politicians what the people supposedly want and what to say to get everyone stirred up and forget about the real issues facing our state. The good thing is we have people, both elected and running, who will stand up to the outside interest and political parties that frankly don’t give a damn about you or your family no matter what they say during their vote for me speech. As always, do not get your news from social media, take the effort to talk to those politicians and ask us questions. As always, we don’t endorse by political party but instead by the person and their stance for working men and women.

Attached are the endorsed candidates list for the upcoming election that will work with us on our issues.


Charles A. Parker
Business Manager