2023-2024 IUOE Local 132 Winter Class Schedule

Apprenticeship Readiness Pathway

Local 132’s training facility is conveniently located north of Charleston, West Virginia off Interstate 77 at the Medina Exit #154, containing 230 acres of mountainous terrain that is ideally suited for training.  The facility has four full-time instructors who guide both apprentices and journeymen through training on various pieces of equipment.  West Virginia was one of the first states to require CCO certification in their crane certification law and Local 132 was the first location in the country to host an N.C.C.C.O. (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators) practical exam.

Training includes: training on various pieces of equipment, Crane and Rigging, CDL, Excavation & Trenching, GPS Dozer/Grader, Pipeline, HAZMAT, CPR/First Aid, and 10-hour OSHA Construction Safety.  During HAZMAT training, participants are required to receive practical experience in the use of respiratory equipment.

What the Operating Engineer Does

The men and women of the Operating Engineers operate and maintain various types of power-driven construction machines, such as bulldozers, cranes, pile drivers, power shovels, derricks, earth graders, loaders, and tractors which dig, scrape, and move great amounts of earth or hoist large quantities of building supplies.  Some machines require the operators to turn valves, adjust hand wheels and press pedals to drive the machines, and control the attachments.  Other machines, such as cranes, require the constant use of both hands and both feet.  Operating Engineers may also be required to service their machines and move the machine from one construction site to another.

Application Procedures

The IUOE Local 132 Apprenticeship Training School will be accepting applications here on IUOE Local 132’s website when available.

For more information you may contact us at:

IUOE Local 132
Apprenticeship Training School
3377 Medina Road
Ravenswood, WV  26164-5264

Phone:     (304) 273-4852
Toll-free:  (800) 376-4852

Brian Board, Apprenticeship Coordinator

General Qualifications:

  • Age:  Must be a least 18 years of age.
  • Education:  High School graduate, GED, or equivalent.
  • Must be physically capable of performing the work of the trade.
  • Must be a resident of the state of West Virginia for at least one year prior to submitting application for apprenticeship.
  • Must have a valid WV Drivers’ License.
  • Must pass a drug test.

Recommended High School Courses:

  • General Math
  • Algebra
  • Shop Courses (such as mechanics and welding)

Admission Requirements of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee

Transcripts of school records and a copy of High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent.  Each applicant is required to provide the Joint Apprenticeship Committee with a copy of their birth certificate and valid West Virginia Drivers License.

Terms of Apprenticeship Training

The length of an Apprenticeship is three (3) years.  Five weeks of training are required each year at the Training Site located near Ravenswood, West Virginia.  1,000 OJT hours and an equipment operations evaluation are required each year to be advanced to the next year.

Apprentices must be able to travel and be available to work throughout the state of West Virginia.

Apprentices are not paid during training weeks or when they are on job laid-off.  They are paid only when working.

Training is provided at no charge to apprentices.