As the 1950’s ended and the 1960’s began Local 132 had a change in leadership, which would have a lasting impression on the Local. Joseph L. Handley was installed as Business Manager, to begin a reign of 31 years at the helm of Local 132.  This was for the purpose to provide a health and welfare program.  The Health & Welfare and the Pension Fund was incorporated in following collective bargaining agreements in the early 1960’s.

A need for worker representation was becoming more prevalent with the increase of activity of equipment service shops, industrial service companies, aggregate and sand companies, and other specialty companies involved in the construction industry.  Local 132 was granted a C-Branch charter from the International Union of Operating Engineers on November 1, 1960.  The workers of companies such as: Vecellio  & Grogan Equipment Shop, Walker Machinery, Beckwith Service, Rish Equipment, and the International Mill Service signed with Local 132C. At the beginning of 1963, the Bureau of Public Roads announced that the Interstate Highway System was about one third complete.

Major projects included:

  • Interstates 77 and 64
  • Major upgrades to U.S. Route 50
  • Fort Martin Power Plant
  • General Motors Plant
  • Mount Storm Power Plant
  • Summersville Dam
  • John Amos Power Plant
  • Various bank buildings
  • Charleston House Holiday Inn
  • Racine Locks and Dam
  • Obekiski
  • Hannibal Locks and Dams
  • DuPont Plant at Belle and
  • Naval Radar Station at Sugar Grove