The United States entered the 1990s, the last decade of the twentieth century, with increased concerns of environmental issues.  The implementation of Acts and Standards such as The Clean Air Bill, created a large amount of work in the electrical utilities.  Business Manager Tarpley recognized the need for changes to regain strength in the construction industry.  Local 132 utilized project labor agreements and modifications to local agreements to capture this work.

The Annuity Fund was added to the Health & Welfare and Pension Benefit package in June 1993.  The Local 132 Pension Fund grew at a rapid rate from increased contributions and bullish returns in this decade.

Major projects included:

  • FBI National Fingerprint Center
  • Olive Penitentiary, Grant Town
  • Morgantown and North Branch Co-Generation Plants
  • S2O Scrubbers, Harrison Power Plant
  • Belleville Hydro Electric
  • Southern Regional Jail
  • Winfield Locks-Dam
  • Matewan and Williamson Flood Walls
  • Major upgrades to U.S. Route 19