Annuity ID & Administration

Important Information Required by ERISA

This is your Summary Plan Description.  Contributions to this Plan are made by the Participating Employers based on the negotiated contribution rates set forth in Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Name of Plan International Union of Operating Engineers Local 132 Annuity and Savings Fund
Type of Plan Multi-Employer Flat Dollar Defined Contribution Plan
Tax Identification Number EIN 55-0712315  |  Plan Number 001
Plan Administrator The Plan is administered by the Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”) appointed by the Union and the Employers who have signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Trustees of the International Union of Operating Engineers
Local 132 Annuity & Savings Fund

636 Fourth Ave
Huntington, WV  25701-1321
Union Trustees Employer Trustees
Trustees of the Plan Charles A. Parker, Chairman
IUOE Local 132, AFL-CIO
606 Tennessee Ave
Charleston, WV  25362-2328
Robert Worcester, Secretary
Construction Employers Association
of North Central WV, Inc.
2611 Fairmont Ave
Fairmont, WV  26554-3417
Rodney L. Marsh
IUOE Local 132, AFL-CIO
2310 S Fayette St
Beckley, WV  25801-6935
Ken E. Lake
Kokosing Construction Company
866 McKinley Ave
Columbus, OH  43222
Legal Counsel Lawrence B. Lowry
Barrett, Chaffin, Lowry & Amos
636 Fourth Ave
Huntington, WV  25701-1321
(304) 529-2434

Legal process may be served upon on or more Trustees.Benefits under the Plan are not eligible for insurance from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (the “PBGC”), because the PBGC does not insure this Plan which is a flat dollar defined contribution Plan, not covered by IRC section 412.

The Plan Year commences on June 1 of each year and ends on May 31.