Union Information

Are you considering becoming a Local 132 member?

Local 132 union member’s are the men and women operating the heavy equipment in the construction industry throughout the state of West Virginia. When you become a union member you will have:

  • competitive wage rates
  • employment opportunities
  • health insurance
  • retirement benefits
  • a savings plan to supplement retirement
  • apprenticeship and training
  • job security

As a union member, you will have:

  • Organizers who will help assist employees in forming unions on the job to give them the same opportunity for good wages and decent working conditions that our current union members now have ; and
  • Dispatchers who will contact you, as a union member, when there is a position which needs filled; and
  • Business Agents who will represent you with your employer, assist you with any problems that may arise during employment and negotiate collective bargaining agreements.

What Differentiates Us

At Local 132, we care. From providing competitive benefits, along with job security, to ongoing training and safety education, we strive to make our union membership above the rest. We are Proud to be Union.

Your Union Officers will represent and negotiate your union contracts and help you receive the benefits you feel you are entitled.

As a union member, you are a part of a democratic organization which strives for the best. From improving working conditions to expanding training and education, safety is only one of our priorities. You will be part of a team where your voice is heard, and your vote counts.

Your Union Officers will also negotiate bargaining agreements with employers and collect your fringes for the benefit packages. All collections are reported to union members on a quarterly basis and include hours worked and contributions reported on your behalf. You will be able to review your current quarter information, along with all benefits reported since you began participation (your initiation as a union member).

Review the different areas of this website to see the benefits you may become entitled to as part of this membership. We suggest you begin by reviewing the Apprenticeship Program, and contact us to become a Local 132 Union Member.